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The 2019-2020 Production Team & Company lists have now been posted at the studio!

Thank you to everyone who came and auditioned. We try our best to place dancers in the routines which we feel are appropriate, and sometimes competition is just not the right fit for all dancers. We hope that our decisions will not be discouraging, but in fact help motivate those dancers that may have not been selected as part of this season's teams. We wish that there was a spot for everyone, but please remember that if your name is not on the list, or perhaps not in the spot you had hoped, you are still talented.

Don’t give up, especially if dance holds a special place in your heart. Keep working hard and be proud of what you have accomplished so far, this is not the end of your journey – it is just another chapter in a very special book. Keep working, keep dreaming and keep dancing!!!

We will not be posting the list to social media and hope that others will follow our decision so that we can respect the feelings of any dancers who might not see their name on the list.

We will have another set of auditions for our Production Team on June 26th. Please call the studio to register in advance.

2019-2020 Company Members

Abby Bjork
Cecilia Dudley
Halle Foy
Hannah Gregurek
Kaylee Kraft
Marlee Reser
Rhylin Stringer
Ashlyn Sudbrock
Scarlett Welch
Emma Altman
Natalli Besch
Emily Bjork
Genevieve Bryan
Carly Bushnell
Emma Bushnell
Ellie Cole
Jocelyn Cottrell
Hannah Daley
Marissa Degase
Gianna Fuson
Makenna Gregurek

Katie Harryman
Ella Heyer
Ella Kleckner
Bella Lamb
Claire Lemek
Cadence Lilla
Lauren Marren
Kelsy Mays
Anna McKernan
Jaida Mitchell
Teija Mitchell
Gwendalyn Nedved

Annalise Rauen
Maddy Rauterkus
Abigail Reis
Peyton Rhode
Kylie Sonberg
Mya Southwick
Norah Southwick
Sophie Steingreaber
Hope Warren
Zoey Wills
Sophie Young

2019-2020 Production Team
Thank you to everyone who auditioned!
We will have a second set of auditions on Wednesday, June 26.

Khloe Baker
Gianna Ballantini
Isabelle Bellantini
Natalli Besch
Abby Bjork
Emily Bjork
Carly Bushnell
Emma Bushnell
Ella Bynum
Cooper Dawson
Marissa Degase
Maggie Doll
Leah Doty
Ceci Dudley
Halle Foy
Marlie Fuson
Ava Glennon
Hannah Gregurek
Mikayla Hackbarth
Linna Hennick
Ella Heyer
Peyton Hoing
Haley Hollingsworth
Elizabeth Hollis
Ellie Illian
Olivia Jackson
Kendall James
Kaylee Kraft
Laykn Lamb
Claire Lemek
Danika Leuenberger
Mya Logue
Aubree Luther
Brianna Lynch
Madison Lynch
Keelie Maas
Maddy Mann
Jacob Marren
Lauren Marren
Jaida Mitchell
Jaycie Mitchell
Gwendalyn Nedved
Elizabeth Pouliot
Addison Ramierez
Peyton Rohde
Rinoa Schaefer
Samantha Smith
Kaylee Spurbeck
Callie Stiles
Makenzie Thomas
Tyler Tutaj
Hope Warren
Madigan Wegner
Scarlett Welch
Finley Welch
Genevieve Wilson
Grace Wilson

At GRIMES SUPERSTARS, our students learn skills that develop self-discipline, poise, the ability to perform in front of large audiences, pride in accomplishment, and an individual style of expression!